Friday, August 3, 2012

The Window Builder - Coming Oct 9th!

This is the moment every aspiring author, including me, dreams of. Their first published novel. I couldn't be happier than to see it happen to Kelly Hoose Johnson. She has been a member of my writing group for two years now, and she has serious talent. 

A number of months ago, Marilyn Bunderson (another published member of our writing group) informed us of a short story writing contest by Cedar Fort. Kelly entered and while her story wasn't chosen to be included in an anthology of short Christmas stories, something even better happened. Cedar Fort decided to publish it as a stand-alone short story. Her book is now available on for pre-order. I've ordered mine--have you?

The Window Builder has all the trappings of a Hallmark holiday movie special. You won't be disappointed. Congratulations Kelly! And I have to say . . . I LOVE the cover. 

The Window Builder