Friday, July 9, 2010

LIE versus LAY

Okay, I'll admit. I just havn't been into the blogging thing lately. I've been too engrossed in working on my manuscript. But it's good to stick my head out from under the covers every once in a while. Here's a helpful grammar tip from Annette Lyon. Hope your enjoying the summer!

LIE versus LAY

1. PAST TENSE: Sometimes memorization is just best

  • She lay down on her sofa to read.
  • She laid the book on the table, I swear.
  • She was lying on the carpet when it happened.
 2. PRESENT TENSE: Remember that the gerund form (WAS –ING) uses present tense.
  •  She was laying down on her sofa to take a nap when the house exploded.
  •  She was lying on the carpet when it happened.
 TIP: Use an irregular verb like EAT/ATE to figure out which tense you need.

  • She was ating on the floor (no, so it couldn't be laying)
  • She was eating on the floor (yes, so she was lying on the floor)